White Howlite Bracelet

  • White Howlite Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

    If you are looking to relieve anxiety and any kind of stress that you may be having, the white Howlite bracelet is the best bracelet for you. 

    In addition to relieving you of any stress, it is a great way of helping you get better sleep especially if your mind seems to be more active in the hours that you should actually be sleeping.

    The white howlite bracelet has beads that are carefully made from lava and they are porous in a manner that they are able to absorb any essential oil that you are using.

    The white howlite bracelet is mainly made up of two materials. That is, the lava stone and the white howlite beads.

     Material: Lava Stone, White Howlite Beads 
     Length:  ~19cm / ~7.48 inches


  • How to use

    By gently rubbing a few droplets of your most-loved essential oils to the lava stones, the bracelet transforms into a beautiful wearable diffuser

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