Who We Are.

GAEA Royals was created by natural-wellness enthusiasts who recognize the enormous impact essential oils can have on people’s life.

Our Mission.

Purity, Quality, Safety, Satisfaction, Affordability.

  • We want to provide you with the highest quality pure essential oils.
  • We want to educate our readers and customers about how to use essential oils safely.
  • We want our customers to have the best shopping experience ever.
  • And we want to keep our prices as affordable as possible to our customers, and as rewarding as possible to our farmers.

How do we do all that?

Absolute Purity, Absolute Quality.

There are many factors which affect the end-quality of the oils and it all start with the farmers. We make sure we work with the best and reputable international-farmers to gather the best raw botanicals grown. Many of the plants are indigenous to different parts of the world, so we make sure we get them from their natural habitat, in an ethical and sustainable way.

Now, those make their way from all around the world to the US and distilled or extracted under very strict standards. Our quality process is the industry’s best.

OK, now they're oils, let the tests begin!

1. Organoleptic Testing - this test is done by expert distillers with years of experience and what it essentially is, smelling the oil and looking at it. Does it smell right? Is the color right? This test is performed over time since some areas can be spotted only after half an hour or even more. This test is first in line. If the oils pass the human test, it moves to the next steps.

2. Microbial Testing - analyzing for the presence of microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, viruses or fungi. A sample of oil is incubated for some time and observed for any signs of microbial growth.

3. GC/MS (Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry) Testing - this test shows two things, Potency and Purity. This test shows the chemical composition of the oil and will determine the potency of it. It will also determine if the oil is 100% pure, free from adulteration, synthetics, base oils or anything else except the essential oil itself.
This test is being done by 3rd party labs under very strict conditions. We are testing any oil we have/sell and the results (tests) are public and available on each of our product pages.

Great! So we got ourselves 100% pure, high-quality essential oils. Now what?

Time to bottle. All our oils bottled at a very high-standard facility. Each oil is carefully measured, sealed and labeled. We use sterilized amber bottles at 160° F, then store the oils in a temperature-controlled room until they are shipped.

And finally... Essential oils are ready for you to use!

A note from us

When we sourced these oils, we made the conscious decision not to exploit the planet’s resources any more than we had to. Please treat your oil with love, kindness and respect. Use it consciously to make a difference to yours and your families lives around you and always give gratitude to the plant and the many families involved in its cultivation, gathering and production. Many give much larger sacrifices than you can imagine to carefully place this magic into your hands.

Affordable Prices

There are a few key factors which allow us to sell such high-quality oils at such affordable prices.
We sell only through our online website, direct-to-consumer, no middleman, no MLM practices, no membership fees. This allows us to properly reward our dedicated farmers and valued customers.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Simply put, as our customer you can feel confident that you will never have a bad experience. Do we make mistakes? Sure, we're not perfect. But if anything happens, we will go far and beyond to make things right so you will never end up unsatisfied.

Anything you order comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. We always put the customer first, and we take pride in that.

Safety Always First

Just like your satisfaction, your safety is our priority too.
We made it our mission to educate our customers and readers about the true and safe use of essential oils.

Our emails, guides and blog are written and reviewed by certified aromatherapists. We always add safety restrictions to whatever it is we recommend, whether it's a recipe, a method of use or a DIY guide.

Note: we don't support ingesting essential oils and we want to take a moment to address a question we're asked a lot: "if your oils are really pure and high quality why don't you recommend ingesting?"

First, the fact that an oil is a high quality and pure doesn't necessarily mean it is safe for ingesting.

Second, probably 99% of our customers and readers are not certified/educated enough to know how/why/what/when to ingest essential oils safely, and that is the reason we don't recommend it.
If only one customer who doesn't know what he's doing will harm himself, it doesn't worth it for us.

Safety of our customers comes first and we will never recommend something that could be dangerous just for the sake of making a sale.


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